A Bit About Us ...

Growing up in a small rural town, I always had pets, I grew up with fish, cats, birds, pigs, goats, ducks, dogs, etc. extensive experience with different pets … I have to admit I’ve never been a fan of cats, in my opinion cats were solitary creatures with horrible tempers who threw up hairballs, scratched everything in sight and left their hair wherever they went. many reasons not to love cats, they also gave me terrible allergies!
Fast forward 25 years … When i was single living in the heart of downtown with a challenging career and I felt … terribly lonely, I needed a companion but didn’t have the space or time for a dog. Like most people, I came across the Sphynx breed when I saw the movie “Austin Powers.” I was puzzled, a hairless cat … and they look so weird but they seem so soft … I was hooked.
I did my research and research and found a classified ad listing Sphynx cats for sale. I read, read and read. Could it be true? An affectionate, active, intelligent and hairless cat. I had to meet these cats, so I decided to find my perfect companion.
Then I met KEYLA … It was love at first sight, the breeder showed me several kittens but a very special one chose me! KEYLA, he was so kind, loving, handsome, he had my heart from the first moment.It was perfect.I went through the adoption process, saved my money and prepared my home for his arrival.When we arrived at home, it took him less than two minutes to find his favorite place … my bed. MEET KEYLA
He ran, rebounded, climbed, and blew up in the air on my bed. We became a great team, I came home from work and he was always there to greet me, always happy to see me and do my day 110% better.KEYLA always made me laugh and he was a great comfort in my moments of sadness. A few months later, I decided it was time for KEYLA to have a companion.
So I searched far and wide for the perfect girl. I visited a couple of breeders and unfortunately I couldn’t believe the conditions under which some of these “breeders” keep their cats and kittens. In some cases, the number of cats in this house was incredible.
They had no breeding plan, couldn’t produce pedigrees, no HCM scanning To make matters worse, the kittens were significantly underweight, dirty, and the houses smelled of urine and feces. It was of course difficult to find a qualified breeder.
Several months later I was able to find what I was looking for and everything was fine at our house. Several years later … After much thought, research, tears, effort, time, money and a very selective process of choosing breeders …. I am committed to breeding Sphynx, bambino and recently the Elf breed.
There have been many, many, many difficult times. Moments when you think about how much dedication breeding requires ….. but I really can’t imagine my life without them It is important to understand that this is not my career  but its  my hobby .
I breed because I have learned to love these hairless kittens, their unique beauty, their outstanding personality, their intelligence and mischievous tendencies, they warm my heart with just one look, they have the ability to improve everything. It is my effort to bring my incredible experience with other families.
Each and every cat / kitten at our cattery, Sphynx, Bambino and Elf is loved and appreciated. They are the first thing I see every morning (aside from my husband, of course!), Their bright eyes staring at me as they meow and meow and run at me to their feeders.
They make every moment of my life enjoyable. Some of my closest relatives would say that they are the sole subject of most of my conversations, haha.
About Livestock … Adoption is a joyous event, filled with anticipation, excitement, and happiness. Adoption is much more than buying a pet.We (and by us I mean myself, husband, dogs, … we need a village!) are committed to the bald and the beautiful, which means that I am also committed to finding and developing a relationship with the families who adopt our babies.
We are always here to answer any (s) question (s) and give as much support to our families as possible, trust me we love to talk about our hairless babies.
We are a “down to earth cattery”, no question is too difficult, weird or stupid . All contacts are treated with respect and diligence We value all matters We strive to learn every day and share our knowledge with anyone who shares our affection and affection for the hairless feline We open our home and our hearts and we truly understand that when you adopt, you add a new family member and lifelong companion!
Email us: info@purebambinosphynxkittens.com
and we will get back to you within 48 hours.