1. Do you have kittens available?

We usually ALWAYS HAVE kittens available all round the year Just visit our Available Cats & Kittens page to see all our currently available kittens!

2. How much do your kittens cost?

Each of our Sphynx kittens costs $850, Bambino $850
* NOTE – Any of our breeds that have UNinterrupted EYES or dark cats with REAL BLUE eyes will be valued at and an additional $ 300.00 *.
Each admission includes:
  • PCR test and negative FIV / FELV result,
  • sterilization / castration,
  • micro-chip,
  • health certificate,
  • one-year health guarantee against congenital defects and a lifetime guarantee for HCM,
  • vaccines against age-matched disease,
  • 1 month free health insurance ,
  • Kitten Formula List,
  • Return to Home Guide,
  • Cat Feeding Guide,
  • Baby Blanket,
  • Toy,
  • $20 RenewedPet.com Coupon for Grooming & Health Products,
  • Lifelong Breeder Support
Bambino cat
pure bambino cat

3. How to adopt one of your kittens?

All you need to do to adopt a kitten from us is to start the adoption process by completing our easy online adoption application

4. I am looking for a specific kitten, what can I do?

If we do not have a kitten currently available, which is exactly what you would like a kitten, you can simply go to our website and submit an adoption application for pre-approval. Pre-approved, we’ll notify you when your litter is available to the public, and since you’ve been pre-approved, you don’t have to wait. Read more about our trial on our adoption page

5. Can you ship your kittens?

Yes, we do! Here are some of the options we offer: Kitty Cabbie Services; hand delivery of your cat from the car to the door (costs vary); Kitty Cargo flights available through United Airlines cost $150 (NO CARGO SHIPPING DURING THE PANDEMIC) or one of our trusted nannies (costs vary); and we always invite one of our adopters to catch a plane or drive straight our cattery location and pick up their babies themselves.We will always meet you at the airport for a one-way flight – return the same day or the next day. kitten on the plane with you is usually free for a small fee of $ 75 to $ 100 depending on the airline and they are allowed to fly stowed away right under your seat.When you adopt a kitten from us, your breeder will take care of everything your expedition

6. How old are your kittens when they can come home?

We keep our kittens until they are 11-14 weeks old before allowing them to go to their new homes. That way, they’re big enough and neutered already, and get all the vaccinations and veterinarians they need for their first year of life. except for rabies, which is carried out after 16 weeks.

7. Do they get cold?

They can and certainly get cold if not properly cared for. It is best to provide them with a heat lamp to laze around on type of heated bed. Even if your home is kept below 76 degrees, we recommend keeping your kitten dressed.

8. Do you sell breeders?

We currently do not sell intact cats with full breeding rights, however, should the situation change, the first step to be eligible in the future is to fill out our adoption application
9. Do you ship abroad?
We can and do ship overseas to selected countries. It depends on the length of the kitten’s travel and the particular import rules in your country. The first step you need to allow us to further investigate shipping a kitten overseas, you have to fill out our application for adoption


10. What is the difference between a Bambino and a Sphynx cat?

A Sphynx cat is the original hairless breed of cats founded in 1966. These cats have standard cat body shapes with long legs and long tails. and big ears. The Bambino cat is a newer breed of hairless cat formed in 2005 by breeding a Sphynx cat and a Munchkin cat. These cats all share the same characteristics as the Sphynx, except that they have short legs like a Munchkin cat. Read more

11. Do short legs cause back / health problems?

The Bambino cat comes from a long history of genetic research that has proven that the breed is healthy and healthy without the back problems or other health problems associated with short legs in the various breeds of dogs.

12.What is a Minskin or a non-standard Minskin & Devon Rex?

The Minskin is a new breed of cats with short legs and tips of fur – that is, fur on the face, ears, nose, legs and tail. The skin of the body may have sparse hair coverage, but the abdomen is always hairless. These engaging, short stature cats have the agility of any other cat, but sometimes they have other paths to the top of the refrigerator instead of a single jump! The non-standard Minskin is the long-legged version of the Minskin, and the Devon Rex is also long-legged with a whole body of short, sparse, curly hair.

13. Does our  Cattery do the HCM DNA tests on your cats?

No, we hire professional vets to perform HCM DNA tests on all adult breeding cats in our catteries and on all offspring is considered with held in the breeding program.

NB: If you have any further questions that are not covered in our FAQs and that may not be covered here be answered, please contact us or  email at info@purebambinosphynxkittens.com directly and we would get back to you within 24-48 hours